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    Tuf B450 Plus Gaming problem with blinking led

    Hi, I just assembled a new rig made by:

    Ryzen 5 3600
    16gb kingston hyper X 3000mhz
    Nvidia rtx 2060
    PSu Corsair TX650

    Everything seems to work fine except for motherboard leds that are blinking red when the pc is turned off.
    Well, I have disabled LEDs when the motherboard is not in working state, from the bios.
    But when I turn off pc, led starts blinking red. If I go in the bios to check leds settings, I can see that led status is changed from OFF to ON when motherboard is off.
    I did this many time, but it keeps changing to ON everytime I do a shutdown.

    Here is a GIF:

    What is the meaning of red blinking? Is that an error code?
    Why is the setting related to motherboard led changing to ON by itself?
    I have updated to latest bios.

    Can you help me? Thank you.

    Edit: I solved the issue. The ****ty Armoury Crate was overriding bios settings at every boot. Come on Asus, you can do better.
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