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    ASUS please stop with the Bulk driver packs - it's ridiculous!

    If you have a ROG laptop and you've ever wondered what some of the drivers are doing or the software that's installed with them, you're basically out of luck because you can literally spend countless hours scouring the web looking for answers and by the time you're ready to give up, you wont have learned very much.

    For example, have a look at the directory where the bulk "ASUSSystemControlInterfacev3" driver pack dumps it's contents to.
    It should look something like, C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\asu ssci2.inf_amd64_

    There's so many things like "AsusToolkit.exe" doing what? Giftbox.Core.dll.... I like gifts, but I've never gotten one from Asus that I can remember. AsusSetup.exe that's just a little bit vague wouldn't you say? Then there's stuff that I know for a fact my Laptop does not even make use of such as the entire AsusSwitch directory and it's contents. Why is this stuff bulk-installed on everybody's machine when it's application specific? Wouldn't it be better to just install it on the machines that actually use it? Na, that'd make sense! AsusSystemAnalysis.exe I kinda assume this might have something to do with MyAsus. But I uninstalled that garbage program so my computer doesn't use it either. But then there's AsusOptimization. In this directory is what I believe to be the ONLY software and driver that I am actually making any use of. AsusWiFiRangeboost.exe, my Zephyrus doesn't support that! Again, why are they doing this LAZY bulk packing of driver software!?!? GRRR! I also have this ArmouryCrateKeyControl.exe constantly running... but I don't even have Armoury crate installed (yet) and I don't know if I'm going to install it.

    I know that when I kill The AsusOptimization process (2 of them) I lose control of the keyboard backlight. However if I restart them, I don't get control of it back. So I think I can leave those running. In the same directory is atkwmiacpi64.sys which is what allows control of the battery health maintainer and fanspeed.

    Any laptop owner who hasn't attempted to rid their machine of some of these Asus running processes will notice that there's about a dozen or so running at all times. This is quite ridiculous considering I know for a fact that my machine is really only using a couple of them. This software is running constantly and probably recording my behavior. I even wiped my SSD and installed Windows 10 LTSC, only to find that when I reached the desktop.... windows had dialed out and downloaded ALL of this ****ty software via the ASUSSystemControlInterfacev3 bulk driver pack!!! AHHH!!!!

    I've found two open source programs that work for fanspeed (atrofac) and the battery charge limiter (TUFA152021BatteryChargeLimiter) both available on GitHub and they work pretty well. From what I can tell, I don't need most of this other stuff. Come-on ASUS you could show a little more care about your individual products. I guess

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    So currently I'm having issues with my laptop(ROG Strix G731G) with AsusSwitch just blue screening my laptop anytime of day or if when game. I check EventViewer to see how much it crashes and only AsusSwitch.exe crashes my laptop. It breaks 200 or even more times a day and even if i try to look up some fixes i find nothing and cannot delete the files or uninstall AsusSwitch because its not installed. Cant delete the asussci2 files after uninstalling MyAsus beacuse it needs SYSTEM permission and i cannot change the permissions and ive basically tried every f***ing way possible.

    So I've basically given up until ASUS fixes this.


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