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    ROG Zenith II Extreme - Fan Xpert 4 issue and BIOS


    I'm facing 2 issues with Fan control on ROG Zenith II Extreme

    Moterboard: ROG Zenith II Extreme
    EUFI BIOS: 0702

    Fan Xpert 4 included in AI Suite 3 V3.00.55 is ignoring "Fan Spin Up Time" and "Fan Spin Down Time" settings.

    Regardless of the value set of "Fan Spin Up Time" or "Fan Spin Down Time" the fans are spinning UP and then DOWN immediately.
    You can see on the screenshot (FanExpert4.jpg) frequent variation of FAN RPM on the charts.
    The variation of FAN speed should be almost inexistant consideting that I set
    - "Fan Spin Up Time" to 15 sec
    - "Fan Spin Down Time" to 31 sec

    This behaviour is the same on all 7 PWM fans:
    - 1 CPU fan connected directly (Noctua NF-A15 HS-PWM )
    - 6 extra fans (Noctua NF-A14 PWM / Noctua NF-F12 PWM) connected via "Fan Extension Card II"

    This seams to show a bug in Fan Xpert 4 and/or EUFI BIOS.
    You can easily reproduce this issue by setting the same fan configuration in Fan Xpert 4

    @ASUS could your investigate and fix this bug please?
    I also opened a support Case No.:E2001041256 but didn't get any answer yet.

    I also confirm that the changes of "Fan Spin Up Time" and "Fan Spin Down Time" values are reflected properly in Profiles files
    C:\ProgramData\ASUS\DIP\FanXpert\Profiles\MyProfil e.xml

    I tried to use FAN controls in BIOS only, without Xpert 4.

    However there is no menu in Zenith II BIOS to control fans connected via "Fan Extension Card II"
    On other ASUS motherboards there is "Ext. Fan(s) configuration" menu that controls these fans.
    This menu simply doesn't exist in Zenith II BIOS

    Is there any plan to introduce this fan control in the BIOS on Zenith II motherboards please?

    3/ #UPDATED

    The setting in bios on fan spin up delay don't have any effect either (with no Fan Xpert in Windows)

    Could you test and fix Spin UP/Down delay feature in the BIOS of Zenith II as well please?

    Thank you!
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