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    7.1 Strix headset doesn't power up with PC anymore but does so after a few minutes


    I have an issue with my 7.1 headset, it used to work perfectly fine for 2 years or so but recently it's not starting up with my PC anymore, sometimes it takes a few minutes or more, I tryed using different USB ports and the same problem is still here, also I unplugged/replugged all cables to make sure the problem is not just a connection and still the same thing happens.

    So my question is, anyone have this issue ?

    What could it be related to ?

    Could it just be my motherboard or even worse my PSU getting old and not providing power ?

    Or maybe my unit is dying.. if so I should RMA it, but I was curious to hear what people had to say before doing so.

    I think the firmwire is up to date going to check that now.

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