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  • Gigabyte

    4 2.40%
  • eVGA

    54 32.34%
  • ASUS

    92 55.09%
  • MSI

    15 8.98%
  • Zotac

    2 1.20%
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    ROG Member Array MartinDraganov PC Specs
    MartinDraganov PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)HP zBook 15 g2
    MotherboardASUS P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3
    ProcessorIntel i7-2600K
    Memory (part number)Corsair Vengeance
    Graphics Card #1EVGA GTX980Ti Hybrid
    Monitor3x ASUS VS247H-P
    Storage #1Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD
    Storage #2WD Black 2TB HDD
    CPU CoolerCorsair H80
    CaseCorsair 600T White
    Power SupplyCorsair HX1050
    Keyboard Razer SWTOR Keyboard
    Mouse Razer SWTOR Mouse
    Headset Razer Kraken Forged
    Mouse Pad Razer SWTOR Mouse Pad
    Headset/Speakers Logitech Z623 2.1
    OS Win10

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    Jan 2014

    I've been wondering what ASUS is doing as far as the graphics card area of gaming. Correct me if I am wrong but I have a feeling that ASUS used to have the best and fastest cards several years ago. Nowadays, I feel like they are lagging behind. That is of course my personal opinion but I will try to explain why I feel that is so. Every time a new card hits the market, ASUS is not the first to come out with a special cooler. The clock speeds are also lagging behind significantly when compared to other brands. Freshest example - the Poseidon card. Granted, it is a new way to cool your card but other companies have been out with GHz cards for a while now and why would anyone really want to purchase a card that is $100 more expensive (according to some people on the forums... i expect it to be more than that) than a regular 780. Also, the MARS760 - as cool as that card is, and I would love to get my hands on one, i can't justify a $150 premium just because it has a glowing MARS logo on it. MARS is also 2x2GB when it could easily have been a beast which would justify the extra cash if it was 2x4GB. That being said, I feel like ASUS is a bit slow to the market and has been taking the easy way out, relying heavily on the already existing cult of ROG'ers.
    P.S. I almost picked up an EVGA SC ACX for xmas for $500 which is clocked at 967MHz out of the box. I would have had to buy a backplate (another $25) but it still ends up being cheaper than the $550 OC card from ASUS (a mere 889MHz clock). I do love playing around and OC'ing the GPU but it's kinda nice to know you're getting another 5-10% performance increase right out of the box. I seriously hope ASUS steps it up and at least matches the performance of EVGA cards roughly at the same time as those are released. I won't even bring up Galaxy's HOF cards. Seriously though... ASUS=EVGA>MSI>Galaxy>Zotac, etc. Or at least that's how I feel it SHOULD be.

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    ROG Guru: Brown Belt Array sk2play's Avatar
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    Dec 2013

    I've owned ATI back in the 8500 days and jumped to BFG nVidia 285, then EVGA nVidia 465, 580, 670ftw and recently today got a Gigabyte 780ti GHz ed. The reason I passed up Asus was OC'ing percentage out of the box, not quality per say. EVGA has serious coil whine issues presently with their ACX cards including Classified so I abandon them. Asus, Gigabyte and MSI were under my radar as good quality cards. Gigabyte only won out due to it's OC out of box.

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    ROG Guru: Yellow Belt Array kshafe777 PC Specs
    kshafe777 PC Specs
    MotherboardMaximus XI Formula
    Memory (part number)Trident Z RGB 64 GB 3600 speed
    Graphics Card #1EVGA RTX 2080Ti FTW3 OC
    Graphics Card #2EVGA RTX 2080Ti FTW3 OC
    MonitorASUS PG27UQ
    Storage #1Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 1TB
    Storage #2Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 1TB
    CPU CoolerHeatkiller nickel
    CasePhanteks Enthoo Elite
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1200i
    Keyboard G.Skill KM780 RGB Cherry Mx
    Mouse Roccat LEADR
    Headset AKG K7XX
    Headset/Speakers Razer Nomo Pro
    OS 10 pro
    Network RouterRaptor
    kshafe777's Avatar
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    Jan 2014

    Palit Microsystems makes the best cards...
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    New ROGer Array
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    Mar 2014

    I've owned a lot of eVGA and MSI cards in the past, but my more recent builds have been been including more Asus stuff, including video cards.

    They are priced nicely, and I have found they are much more durable then other brands.

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    ROG Guru: Brown Belt Array abvolt's Avatar
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    Aug 2013

    I've never owned an asus vga but I will say this they are one of the best looking cards out..
    Current: MSI Xpower Gaming Titanium | 7700K | G Skill Ripjaws V 3000 16Gb | 960 EVO 500Gb | Intel 730 480Gb | Seasonic 1000 Platinum |
    NZXT X62 | Acer XB270HU | EVGA 1080 ti FTW3

    Secondary: R4BE | 4930K | G.SKILL 2400 16GB | Corsair AX 1500i
    Intel 730 240GB + 480GB | EVGA GTX780 ti sli kpe | Custom H20

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    ROG Member Array
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    May 2014

    I thought i would post here as a total newbie.
    I cant really add much to the comparison part of this but i just bought a gigabyte GTX780 GHz edition.
    Knowing pretty much nothing about graphics cars i went for one that looked nice (had the backplate installed and it was also the 'fastest' or most overclocked one i could see.
    I also made sure i could get water colling plates for it as i want to go this way in the future.

    From reading the replieshere it appears that gigabyte is not one of the top cards so maybe i will come unstuck at a later time although it seems to be working well at the moment.


    EDIT : After a bit more research it seems the watercooling options for the GHz edition are very limited so i may have made an expensive mistake on that front.
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    Dec 2013

    Really like my ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5 cards, which are in SLI. They've been holding up well in Diablo 3 and games like Skyrim, with all the graphic options maxed out. I even like that the cards come preoverclocked from ASUS, even though it isn't that high of an overclock.
    ASUS Z87 Deluxe/i7 4770/16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1333/Crucial C300 128GB SSD/3 harddrives/2 optical drives/2 ASUS GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5/Antec DF-30 case/ Viewsonic VX2753mh/Win7 64bit Ultimate - nothing overclocked

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    ROG Enthusiast Array
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    Apr 2014

    I Have A ASUS GTX 670 DCII Top Card in my current Rig And I just Like it
    I used to have an other Asus Card But it Died ... Problems with My old Mainboard (Witch I Now Replaced with An ASUS RIVBE)
    The Card Was Replaced Quickand easy with A similar Priced card (ASUS GTX 670 DCII Top)

    I Had A LOT of Different Graphics Cards over the years ... Lot of Diamond Cards and even A Few 3DFX Cards

    For my previous build Witch was quite a while ago) I Got Myself A EVGA 8800GT SSC witch was a nice card for around the €500
    But unforgettably it seemed to be Clocked at Stock 8800GT Speed Witch made me RMA it to EVGA
    After some time went by they Finally send me a Replacement ... A 8800GTX (the new G92 Version)
    You might think that I was happy with That and at that Time ... I might have been A bit ...
    However Just Before I Wanted to Build My New Rig The 8800GTX Broke ...
    So ... Since this was a Card with 10 Year Warranty it was another RMA To EVGA
    So ... I Expected to get A Card that was Equal or Better than the Card I Bought
    and Also would at that time be in Line with the type of Card I Actually Bought
    So I Expected EVGA to send me A High end card witch ...

    Trust me ... If nowadays I Walk into Somebody Who works for that ****ing Company I Will Probably Want to Kill the Mother****er
    There Warranty is So Danm Horrible ... I Recommend Everybody to Never Ever Buy EVGA There Crap

    They had the Darn Guts To Send me A Mid Range card ... And Not a very good one ether
    A GTX460 with 768MB of Vram and a Tiny little cooler on it that blows air over it (Unlike the EE Version)
    This is also A FPB Version Witch means that with A Patch It will be running a Little Bit Faster and Make the FAN Run Higher than 70%
    Witch to me makes no sense at all (Especially that the cooling Fan Could never run Higher than 70% at all)
    And the Worst part of it all is That I have Actually got a version that is Listed to be Patched With The FPB Patch However On Mine it doesn't Work

    It's still under warranty ... However I have not Tried to Request An other RMA For it
    The Simple reason for this is that I Actually Don't Know What Kind of Garbage They will send me back
    Maybe I should just ask for A Refund

    So To Put it short ...
    - They Sold me A Stock Overclocked SSC Card That Was not running at the overclocked Speeds
    - They made me wait a few months before they got me a Replacement
    - The New card Eventually died
    - The Card That I had Got Replaced by a cheap Midrange Card witch till today doesn't function up to its Specs

    I Just hope Nobody else Get Screwed by EVGA
    I Just Should have bought A ASUS or MSI Card back Then (I Actually Have A MSI Geforce 6xxx Series Card That Actually still works)
    ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition
    Intel i7 3930K
    Corsair Vengeance Memory Kit (CMZ64GX3M8A1600C9)
    Corsair Obsidian 800D (with Sata 3 & USB 3 Upgrades)
    Corsair AX1200I
    Corsair H105 (in Push/Pull)
    4 X Corsair SP120 PWM Quiet Edition Fans
    2 X Corsair AF140 Led Purple Quiet Edition Fans
    ASUS ROG Front Base
    2 X Asus Geforce GTX670 DC2T
    Asus PCE-AC68
    DawiControl FW800

    Motu 828 MK3 (Firewire Version)
    SM Pro Nano Patch+
    KRK RP8G2
    Novation SL61 MKII
    Novation Ultra Nova
    Access Virus A

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