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  • Gigabyte

    4 2.40%
  • eVGA

    54 32.34%
  • ASUS

    92 55.09%
  • MSI

    15 8.98%
  • Zotac

    2 1.20%
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    I've tried many different makes of cards in the past, and my vote would have to go to EVGA for the top nVidia cards. Asus makes excellent cards with the DCUII line, but that aren't really aimed at the top end of the enthusiast market it seems... The larger air coolers on them with a triple slot design pretty much limits them to two way sli as the maximum, because three way bridges just aren't long enough, even using flexible cables instead of the pcb bridge, this means the cards are limited to people looking to run only a single card, or two way sli at the most. The lack of a water cooled version of this card also puts it more towards the upper mid range demographic (air cooled systems), rather than the top level systems that have liquid cooling.

    EVGA also adds more VRAM to the nVidia cards (which I think are significantly lacking in this department) which improve the performance of people looking to run at very high resolutions, if you are buying a set of top of the line cards that cost 550+ each, you won't be running a single 19" low res monitor, so this would apply to a large majority of people looking at this price ranged card. 2560x1600(or 1440) monitors are more and more common now, with some very high quality ones available for ~300, hardware needs to keep up with this, so when you are buying top of the line, you don't want something that can't handle it because it lacks vram. One monitor at that resolution may be fine for many games, (I capped the 2gb vram in BF3 and several other games with just 1 monitor, so more would help even with just single display) but anyone looking to push surround with more than one of these will have to look to EVGA for their 4gig fix. You can get a 4GB FTW+ card for $609 right now, which is only $40 more than the DCUII cards, so the extra ram can't cost too much to implement. 7680x1600/1440 is just not possible with asus cards.

    That is the main thing I don't understand. Asus pushes the boundaries with all the bells and whistles on their motherboards, giving support to extreme options like sub zero LN2 cooling, 4 way SLI, watercooled VRMs/chipsets, and other enthusiast oriented extras and tweaking options, stuff that only those using the best of the best would use. But then even the best of the video cards are just aimed at the average casual user, someone that would just plug it in and go, nothing really oriented at a tweaker or enthusiast user. Maybe you could adopt the motherboard system for your cards, a Gene model for more casual use, Formula for gamer oriented, and Extreme for enthusiast. Like the reference clocked, or the DCUII OC can be the MATRIX680-Gene, the TOP can be the MATRIX680-Formula, and they you can introduce a 4GB waterblock version as the MATRIX680-Extreme or something similar. Right now it just feels like the Motherboard and Video cards are from two completely different companies, your motherboards are the best out there, but your video cards are just middle of the pack. The build quality is there, but the feature set just doesn't really distinguish it as a top end product.

    I'm using the DC2Top cards now, and that's just how I feel after making the purchase and having used them for a while. I think that seems to be the general perception of a large portion of enthusiasts as well, people looking to run multi monitor setups or watercooling, or 3+SLI go with EVGA, people looking for a top quality tweakable card go with the MSI lightnings, people looking for quiet and cool cards that they can sli go with the gigabyte windforce cards, people that want just a single card that pretty good out of the box go with the asus (theres nothing wrong with that, but it just doesn't seem like thats what all the other RoG products aim for)

    CM Storm Trooper
    Rampage IV Extreme
    3930K@5.1GHz 1.48V (+0.085 Offset) XSPC Raystorm +Alphacool 360mm UT-60 /w 3x Scythe Ultra Kaze @2200rpm
    Asus DC2T GTX680 x2 (going for a 3rd with some EK blocks when the budget allows)
    32GB (4x8GB) DDR3-2400 G.skill Trident X
    2x 256GB Vertex4 Raid0
    Seasonic Platinum 1000W

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    I have been an Asus product owner for years now. IMHO they are the cream of the crop. There was one of my purchased cards that made me wonder about the product and Asus. I owned their AX1650pro card a few years ago that almost had me switch manufacturers as the only way I could update drivers for that card was to flash the BIOS with a Saphire BIOS. Asus's bios would only allow their one update on their site and no others.
    Since then I have owned a few newer models and have had great success with each of them. Currently I have the Matrix GTX580P and it performs excellent. I do have some worries about this card with the release of the new 3xx drivers although the latest 306.x driver seems to be working ok. Also, when I registered this card on Asus's VIP site, I was flabbergasted to see there was no entry for this card in the dropdown selection. One would think a card of this callibur and cost would be listed on their site's registration page. When I punched in the serial number of my card to allow the site to determine the product, it came back as being a netbook. WTF is up with that? Overall, I'm still sticking with Asus!
    Intel i7 3960X Extreme @ 3.9GHz
    Asus ROG Rampage IV Extreme
    Asus ROG Matrix GTX580 Platinum
    Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (4x4)x2 @2400MHz
    Corsair H100 Liquid Cooled
    OCZ Agility 3 256GB SSD (OS)
    Seagate 2TB Sata3 6GB/S (Data)
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64

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    Your turnaround RMA time, customer support/service and ease of use/convienance majorly sucks in comparison to others, especially EVGA. For the extra price we pay in ROG products, that is not acceptable.

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    Well for video cards its evga all the way, but off subject asus has the best motherboards. I will not steer away from asus when it comes mb's
    Motherboard: ASUS RIVE
    CPU: i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.8GHz
    GPU: 2x EVGA GTX 680 SC(2gb each) in SLI
    Memory: Corsair Vengeance 32GB (8x4GB) 1600 MHz
    SSD: 2x Corsair 240GS's
    HDD: 2x 600GB WD Velociraptors in raid 0
    Sound: Creative Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional
    PSU: Corsair AX1200
    Case: Cooler Master HAF-X 942
    Cooling: Corsair H100 push/pull
    surround displays: Acer 27" HN274H 3D LCD, 2x Asus 24" hdmi and 1x generic for accessory display

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    When one MotherBoard ASUS Maximus V EExtreme, surely have buyed one ASUS .
    That's' cause I know that ASUS and a good brand, but I also had ms ** --- but perch3e 'especially wanted to combine power and reliability'.
    ASUS Video Card.
    GTX660TI -DC2 - 2GD5 - Core 915/ Cuda1344/ 2DVI+HDMI+DP -90YV0362-MONA00

    At thi moment not have gaming on my Assassin Creed II Purchased obviously original .. , Also 'cause I put the pc for about 10 days and I'm still installing applications that normally I need, but I hope to put in a few days to enjoy games like, Mass Effect 3, Crysys 2 that I already' played, and assassins creed 1 and 2 .. In short I want to enjoy this system.
    THANKS ASUS, all mounted by me!
    ASUS Maximus V Extreme bios.v1604 | Intel i7-3770-LGA1155 (at3.9Ghz) | FanCPU-CoolerMaster Gemini II.SF524 | G.Skill Ripjanew.4*4 F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH (2133Mhz) | Video Asus GTX660TI | Corsair AX1200Gold | Case iTek King-580 | SSD SAMSUMG 128GB 830Series SATA 6gb/s | HDD 2x 1TB SATA6 Seagate 7200' + 3x 500GB Seagate- + 1 x 260 gb Sata3-Seagate| OS: Win7 Ultimate SP1 64b. {Index Performance 7.9} Update.22/05/13

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    AlexTheRepublican PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)G55VW-DH71
    MotherboardROG STRIX Z270H GAMING
    ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700K
    Memory (part number)Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB DDR4 2133MHz CL13 Dual Channel Kit
    Graphics Card #1ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX GAMING 8GB DDR5 256-bit
    Storage #1WD Blue 1TB SATA-III 7200 RPM 64MB
    CPU CoolerCorsair Hydro H80i v2
    CaseCorsair Carbide SPEC-Alpha black-silver
    Power SupplyCorsair RMx Series RM550x, 80+ Gold 550W
    Keyboard Logitech G413
    Mouse Logitech G900
    Headset Logitech G913
    Mouse Pad ROG Whetstone
    Headset/Speakers Sony SRS-X2 (AUX)
    OS Windows 10 64-bit
    Network RouterASUS RT-AC1200G+
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    ASUS then MSI. Awesome manufacturers.

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    I do not buy asus graphics card more, have a GTX680-2GD5-DC2T and can not
    UEFI Fast Boot GOP, I'll sell the
    am dissatisfied

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    I currently have the best impression with EVGA cards. But now that I just bought an Asus ROG G55 laptop, I am more curious about Asus GPUs.

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    Actually, I like where Asus is heading with the graphics cards...

    In my first post in this thread I was mentioning the water cooling possibility... now we have the Ares II!

    It's not yet a fully customizable water cooling (the VRAM and VRMs are still on air-cooling), but it's the first step... - at least I really hope that's the first step... and that Asus is going further in this direction...

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    Here is my ROG title Array Granger PC Specs
    Granger PC Specs
    MotherboardCrosshair Formula V
    ProcessorPhenom II 1100T
    Memory (part number)G-Skill RipjawsX 2x4Gb@1838Mhz
    Graphics Card #1Sapphire HD7970 OC VaporX
    MonitorSamsung Syncmaster 2253LW + 2 Packard Bell 19.5" vga
    Storage #1Samsung SSD 850EVO 250gb
    Storage #2250gb SSD + 4 HD 3Tb total + NAS 3Tb
    CPU CoolerSwiftech custom loop
    CaseCoolerMaster HAF 932 modified
    Power SupplyCoolermaster SilentPro Hybrid 1300W
    Keyboard Razer Black Widow Ultimate
    Mouse Razer Ourobouros
    Headset Razer Tiamat 7.1
    Mouse Pad Razer Exact Mat
    OS Windows 10
    Network RouterISP provided (Free)
    Accessory #1 Razer Hydra
    Accessory #2 Madcatz Arcade Fightstick
    Accessory #3 Belkin n52te
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    I can't vote as I havent used Nvidia in over 10 years. But I would agree after seeing a lot of tests and reviews that EVGA and ASUS are good sparring partners

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