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    RGB Software

    All I'm asking is this: before you market another component based on or showcasing its RGB LEDs, please fix your Aura software. It is disappointing at best and broken at worst. I've read horror stories from other users who installed programs like Aura and Amoury Crate and Aura Creator only to have to reinstall their operating systems to remove them completely. How does that happen? How can you put the Aura Sync/Aura Ready logo on your products and your affiliates' products and have such a disappointing piece of software propping that up? And just from looking around on the forums and on social media, it doesn't seem like there's much of a response to widespread customer dissatisfaction.

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    I fully agree.

    I recently purchased (December 30, 2019) an Asus ROG G731GU PC, and when I set the backlight on the keyboard to Rainbow in Armoury Crate, the keyboard lights up as if it were set to color cycle.
    I still haven’t found a solution, and the support hasn’t given me one that works.

    I checked the updates and in the My ASUS application it is indicated that an update is available for "ROG KB Firmware Update Tool v2.2.2" (file size 5.40Mb). However, when I want to do the update from the My ASUS application, nothing happens and it displays me "Fail! Please, try again".
    So, I tried to install the "ROG KB Firmware Update Tool v2.2.2" update from the web page: (file is only 3.35Mb)
    However, when I start the setup, a warning message asks me whether or not I want to allow the file to run (origin noted unknown). So I allow it.
    Then a loading bar (extracting) appears before disappearing. Then the command prompt opens and nothing happens. It is indicated in the command prompt "The specified file is not found".
    So it is impossible for me to do the update that might be the solution to the problem.

    At the price at which their products are sold, I find that unacceptable !!!

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