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    G20AJ - Problem with 32gb memory


    I have a problem with boot on a G20AJ with 2x16GB modules from Crucial.

    As default my computer had 2x8GB from Samsung.
    Both Crucial and Samsung modules has the same specs.

    The computer boots up if i use one of them together, 8 + 16 (24GB) It will not boot up with only one module of 16gb installed also.. What can be the problem? Bios restrictions?

    Â*After some reading, i found out the system isnt compatible with 32GB ram, due to only 2 x dimm slot.
    The chipset (Intel H97) and processor (4790) supports 32gb ram, but only in a 4 channel configuration (8x4).
    Cant find any reading that 16GB in one slot would work.... Correct me if im wrong.
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