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    Asus Armoury Crate keeps waking up PC


    I hope someone can assist me with an issue with Asus Armoury Crate. I recently made the big error in installing this app to replace the Aura software to control lighting on my Asus ROG Extreme VI motherboard. It was listed in Asus Drivers/Utilities so thought it would be worth installing. Turns out this App appears full of bugs and an all round poor feature set compared to Asus Aura. My first issue is that the software continually keeps waking my PC on a regular basis seemingly at random. It can cause my PC to wake as much as 6/7 times a day. My second issue, is the software does not appear to able to control individual light zones on my ASUS Rampage Vi Extreme. Only the entire motherboard is selectable. With Aura I was able to set lighting for different sections of the motherboard. This seams a masive step backwards in terms of feature set to me. For these two reasons, I decided to revert back to using Aura. Problem is I can no longer get Aura to work since installing Armoury Crate. I completely uninstall Armoury Crate, including the version of ASUS Framework service that gets installed with Armoury Crate. Upon reiinstallation of Asus Aura however, the motherboard is completely unresponsive to Armoury Crate. I really wish I had not installed this garbage app.

    Can somone give me some advise on either 1. How to prevent Asus Armoury continually waking my PC from sleep. and/or 2. How to cleanly remove Armoury Crate and get Aura software working properly again?

    Would be much appreciated!

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