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    Legacy vs UEFI windows installation

    two weeks ago i installed some new ssd's and decided to do a fresh OS installation
    installation worked fine, but this time i went with UEFI installation for the first time in my life
    after windows was installed i started to add my software and stuff
    first up was nvidia drivers and i noticed that the nvidia control panel wouldn't install
    then after installing telegram messenger the app had problems launching giving me an error message
    msi afterburner next up, all went fine but i could not save the overclocking profiles, i left clicked the save icon but nothing happened
    later that evening it was time for gaming, i launched paladins and joined a game of siege just like as i use to do
    now it was more problems, sometime randomly i could not select to loadout before the match started (left clicking without any execution)
    click, click, click = nothing happens

    i now started to realize that something was wrong with my OS installation, and i made a new installation only this time Legacy

    and just as i predicted, all the above problems is now totally gone and computer is now like it always been in the past (working fine)

    i just wanted to share this

    PS: pull the lan cable before windows installation, so you don't have to sign up for a stinking microsoft account.......
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