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    RT-AC88U - Faulty Web Interface and Poor Customer Service

    I've had an RT-AC88U for a couple of years. Last year, the web interface stopped working correctly. I did the hard connection and loaded the firmware from a hard drive and reset the modem but still the same problem. Multiple attempts to resolve. Cannot change any settings, screens are not displaying properly, shows no devices connected even though I am accessing the interface through a connected device.

    ASUS support is terrible. Generally have to wait 2-3 days for a response, and often you have to follow up. No phone support - email only. Only solution offered is to send the unit back at cost and then they will assess it and advise cost to fix. Not a very attractive proposition. More cost effective to just buy a new unit - but it would not be an ASUS again. Following on from a bad experience with quality and support on an ASUS laptop, this is my last ASUS purchase.

    Contrast this with a competitive product I am now using which has 7 days phone technical support, and you can actually speak to someone who has the capability and desire to help.

    As another member of this forum posted, don't buy this router because if the GUI stops working, your screwed.

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