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    New 3950x build, random BSODs. RAM or HBA incompatible with board?

    EDIT: The RAM isn't supported on this motherboard at its rated timings. The stock BIOS was the original cause of instability in my OP; bad support -> some support after updating.

    It runs at 2800MHz on auto timings, but setting any timing manually causes the system to fail to POST, no matter what other values I've tried to tweak to stabilize it (voltage, ohm, gear, clock rates, etc)

    It's coming to near a year since I upgraded to Ryzen from Intel-E and ASUS have not supported this memory, even giving them SPD dumps, official bug reports through support filings, and contacting G.Skill to talk to ASUS directly.

    The last time this happened with a motherboard, it was an MSI one. They gave me a BETA BIOS within a week to fix it.

    Zen 3 is almost out. If the new BIOS still doesn't support my memory, I can't recommend any ASUS motherboard to anyone.


    Built a new Ryzen system a few days ago with a 3950x and the VIII Hero. All other components were transferred from old system (1080 Ti, 32GB 2800MHz CL15 8Gx4 memory kit, X-Fi Titanium, Dell HBA330, multitude of SSDs/HDDs)

    Everything on auto settings as the first thing I did after build was enable DOCP and it lead to a POST failure. I also have no reason to manually overclock the CPU right now (and based on research, probably ever).

    On day 2 of the new system running, I suddenly BSOD'd the instant I started a Prime95 blend test.

    I BSOD'd a few minutes after getting back into Windows.
    I BSOD'd again right after the Windows boot screen on separate a fresh install (multi-boot system).
    Removed 2 RAM sticks, everything seemed fine.

    Next day, random BSOD. Removed RAM stick and HBA. Seemed fine again.

    I'm right now running with 2 sticks in at its rated memory speed, but auto timings (2800MHz, CL19). It's coming around to 24 hours since the last BSOD.

    The BSOD's I've gotten so far are:


    It seems to be happening at complete random and only when booted or booting to an OS. I've yet to have anything happen while in BIOS.

    I've run the Windows memory diagnostics in a few configs which came back negative. Ran some Windows tools (AIDA's system test, Prime95, Memtest by HCI), but nothing has reported a single error in the last few days.

    Initially I thought my old RAM kit incompatible with Ryzen, but after researching for a while, it doesn't seem like Zen2 has anywhere near the same problems as first gen Ryzen, so memory compatibility should be a thing of the past. It reads the XMP profile as DOCP, but like stated above, the system fails to POST with it enabled, with various error codes (0E, 15, 33, 51). Manually setting it to 2800MHz is fine, but I cannot seem to lower the timings to rated specs without POST failure. Interestingly, if I set the RAM speed to above 2800MHz (overclocking), the board keeps it at 2800MHz. I can't for the life of me figure out why.

    Either way, the common link between all the times I've had my BSODs is when my HBA has been installed.

    I have 12 drives and this board only has 8 SATA ports (old X99 board had 10). Needless to say, I need my HBA now more than ever.

    I'm still in the troubleshooting process (aka, waiting for a BSOD to happen), but from initial impressions, it seems like the HBA is somehow incompatible with the motherboard. With a BSOD at 4 DIMMs, 2DIMMs, 1 DIMM, and different modules every time, it does not seem like a memory issue.

    Attempting to search/google about this is extremely difficult as people with HBAs in consumer systems are a tiny minority.
    I'm posting here hoping someone can give me any insight into this issue, or a way to ask someone at ASUS (more than entry-level techs) about this issue. Between this and AMD's onboard RAID not working at all with SATA drives (only sees PCI-E when BIOS is set to RAID), it's making me want to rebuild my old system and return everything.
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