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    Issues with C7H bios 3004 patch B

    So I have a 3900x paired with the C7H board and since I updated to the latest bios, now my cores never go to sleep unless I revert back to the previous version. I made sure to update windows and also the chipset drivers. I am currently using the Ryzen Performance power plan, I also tried the Balanced plan but that didnt seem to make any difference either. I tried the update about a month ago on the bios, and it actually hurt my performance in benchmarks so I just reverted back. After AMD released the new chipset drivers I decided to give it another try, and now my scores are at least as good/better so it appears the chipset update did fix the performance issues I was having previously. Im not sure what I need to change to get the cores to start sleeping again, perhaps there is something in the bios which I am missing?


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