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    Asus Motherboard shows Code-00 (No POST a lot of times)(MB: Maximus vii Hero)

    Hello, For nearly a year I've been receiving error code "00" on my Asus motherboard. No POST happens a lot of times but after turning it off and on for a couple of times(Sometimes just leaving it off for a few hours and then turning it on again) it will again continue to work normally(Again I've been using the computer for nearly a year like this). During the time when "No POST" happens, I've tried removing RAM sticks and i still received the same code.

    I've also taken my computer twice to the repair shop. These people did the same thing which I did. They checked with different RAM (Same Code-00), then they changed the PSU (Which I couldn't because I don't have extra parts to test but still same Code-00). And then they say its a motherboard problem and they need to mess with ICs else my computer wont turn on. Another person said my motherboard is dead and i should buy a new mobo instead.

    I usually just take the PC back because i know that if i leave it off for a few hours, it ends up working fine(Most of the times it turns on with a couple of attempts).
    May I know what should I do to fix the 00 error so my computer works fine always?

    Things I have tried:
    Resetting the BIOS. Works for a day and then it goes back to Code-00 and after 4-5 attempts of powering On and Off it works fine.

    Leaving the system on for 10 or so minutes and then retrying (It works most of the time this way). Saw this on a youtube comment once since a lot of people seem to be getting this 00 error. The explanation which the user gave was that the processor needs a bit of warmth. (But again sometimes it doesn't work).

    Keep in mind, when my computer works it works perfectly. I even tried doing the stress test on CPU-Z and it worked fine. Could it be some major problem still?


    MOBO: Asus Maximus vii hero motherboard
    CPU: Intel core i7 Processor (4790K) LGA-1150
    PSU: Corsair VS650 ATX Power Supply (650 watt)
    RAM: HyperX Memory. 8GB DDR3 (1866 CL10 240 Pin UDIMM) Memory Module
    FAN: Cooler master Hyper TX3 Eco (Intel LGA 1151)
    SSD: Samsung SSD 850 Pro
    Cabinet: Cooler master 912 HAF (Micro ATX/ATX)

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