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    Angry Helpdesk / Support no respons for weeks

    Heya Asus/ROG

    I've made a helpdesk case the 2020-01-06 and all i've heard is 1 unhelpful response and for weeks have i tried to respond to it, but not been able to reply to it due to the reply button does not work (Tried in both Firefox,IE,Edge,Chrome) and i've even send a mail and no response there either.

    At this point i'm at the brink of saying **** it, Asus have sold me a completely unstable board and won't reply to me or the RMA case or anything and everything is left in the dark and i have a system laying dormant and with a motherboard somewhere i don't know or if i will get refund or replacement or just a middle finger

    It's unacceptable given that Corsair could reply 1 day after and continued to reply 2-3 times a day over a such simple thing as keycaps already showing tears and even send caps and wanting to replace the entire keyboard. Even EVGA when i used to have GPU at them replied within hours and got the product RMA in no time without a single issue

    To info
    Casenr: E2001018995
    RMA does take care of and i've asked them several times what the status and like me do they say Asus have not responded.

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    Hello Fizzlepop,
    Very sorry for my late reply.
    May you PM me your SN or RMA number?
    I will track your case and review the service process.
    Thank you so much.

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