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    skottie PC Specs
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    Tips/Suggestions on Cleaning Screen Display?

    My screen is dirty as hell and just poking my head in to see if anyone has any preferred methods for cleaning your display screen.


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    Quote Originally Posted by skottie View Post
    My screen is dirty as hell and just poking my head in to see if anyone has any preferred methods for cleaning your display screen.

    For me:
    Step 1: Use a soft vacuum brush and suck it off. (I found this vacuum brush that was made of soft camel hair).
    Step 2 If it's more than dust: I use a microfiber cloth that is clean (no previous gunk) and water. Spray the water on the cloth and wipe gently. I've also misted the screen and then wiped. Never use tissue, paper towel or an old shirt.
    Step 3 If it's still dirty from grease or whatever: I've used a 30% solution of water and rubbing alcohol (that would be Isopropyl alcohol), and do the same as #2.

    Some people warn you not to use alcohol, but I've never had a problem. I think the concern was you might melt the case or screen. I suppose you could test. Probably always better to mist the cloth and wipe if you use the mix. Usually the water does the trick. BTW, if you have hard water with a lot of minerals, you might want to try distilled water.
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    pndiode PC Specs
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    Cleaning Screen Display

    I wipe with a clean damp microfiber cloth immediately followed by a wipe down with a clean dry microfiber cloth. The smashed spider between the panel and light source is still there. Yep, the Amazing Spider Pixel shows on all colors except black.

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    Carlyle2020 PC Specs
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    Quote Originally Posted by skottie View Post
    My screen is dirty as hell and just poking my head in to see if anyone has any preferred methods for cleaning your display screen.

    That includes sticky, grimy, tried up, caked, crystalized and condensated ickyness with small and big scratchy things held hostage in it and on it.

    ...a dry cloth and water ain't cutting it here I presume?

    Buy LCD/Monitor spray (always read the label) and paper towels.

    Wet 3 unfolded paper towels until they drip of fluid and wet wipe the screen once with a lot of ease and care only to get the loose and big stuff off.
    Have dry ones in the other hand for fluids dripping down the screen.

    …Did I mention A LOT of ease and care? Oh well:

    Then get new paper towels wet and get to test work on the upper right corner and try swirling motions at first until you have removed any dirty film, always keeping the surface a little wet.

    Use soft pressure, changing the spot on the towel more times than u think u should until you have one small 100% clean corner.

    If that works invade the rest of the screen from that clean spot, always swirling through the clean spot to and over the dirty film.

    After expelling the dirty film on there you can slowly move to a dry cloth or paper towel.

    By that time there should not be anything on there that the dry paper towel could scratch into your screen.

    …Hulks may have to be excluded from this I suppose.

    Good Luck and don’t sue me please!
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