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    Ryzen 3600 not boosting on b450-f

    I have everything updated afaik. Latest 3003 BIOS, latest AMD chipset drivers.

    No matter what settings I do such as PBO, Auto OC in Ryzen Master my CPU will just not boost past 3,900-3,950Mhz in any game. When idle, it maxes at 4,000

    Temperature when playing even after 1 or 2 hours never goes above 60c which I feel has headroom for a boost to actually take place. Can anyone else with latest b450-f bios, a 3600 confirm via CPU-Z or afterburner that they are consistently getting boosts above 4Ghz?

    Is there some magical holy grail BIOS setting to make this all work? as advertised? From what I understand I know getting a 4.2Ghz boost is very rare but I would have thought hitting 4.1Ghz would have been easily doable

    Thank you

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