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    Question about a header on my Maximus X Code

    I have a question, I recently watched a video from Linus Tech Tips, and he mentioned this mini motherboard from Asrock having this mini USB2.0 header. So, it made me think of my Maximus X Code and how it has the same thing next to the regular USB 2.0 header. And since there's only one header (which I used to plug in the NZXT USB2.0 hub to give me more), is that what that header is that's above the text (USB 13/14) in the picture below? It's the same pin setup as a 2.0 header but it's just smaller. The same as the one in the video I watched. So, is that what it is, or is it for another function? There isn't anything in the manual about it. It only references the main USB 2.0 header. I mean, it's not even like I really need it, but I am curious as to know what it's function is. Thanks, in advance!

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