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    Question PG35VQ best settings? Bad video quality compared to old IPS

    Good day,

    I just got my PG35VQ today!

    Screen size is great, but I struggle to find good settings for the monitor and the Nvidia control panel and Windows HDR settings.

    My GPU is a 2080Ti, the Nvidia setting is 3440x1440@144Hz, 10bit, RGB, Gsync enabled for fullscreen and windowed..

    Windows HDR is disabled.

    Monitor is set to racing, FALD enabled.

    Now I stretched a YouTube HDR video (Christmas lights HDR) over both my old screen and the ROG next to it, see attached foto. The left is the old, right is the ROG. Picture quality looks terrible. For some reason nearly all information gets lost on the new screen.

    I also tried the same video with Windows HDR enabled, still looked the same.

    Any help? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    Because right now I'm not sure I spent 3K the right way...
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