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    Do the G751jy and G751jm use the same power input/ac jack?

    You may have seen me make a thread recently. I have a G751-JY WH71 and my AC in jack was broken. I ordered this:

    When I went to replace it, I could install it onto the motherboard, but it seems the form factor is slightly different, specifically the brass supports/screw holes. I can't fully close the laptop becuase the ones on the replacement part are too big, but it does function electrically just fine as far as I can tell.

    However I want to get one that's the right size so I can properly close the chassis (at the moment it's cracked open a bit). I found this board on ebay:

    This one, from visual inspection, looks more like the original part that I removed. The color and size of the supports look identical. Also my original one say "G751jy input board" where this one say s"g751jm input board" so I assume this one is OEM. I want to order this and install it, but since I have a g751jy instead of a jm, I want to check if it's really compatible before I order it. The ebay listing says it is, but the first one said it was the same board too and it wasn't...

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    Asus G751JY DCIN BD./AS
    Part No. : 90NB06F1-R10030 or Part No. : 90NB06M1-R10030

    Asus G751JM LED_BD./AS
    Part No. : 90NB06G1-R10050

    The boards have different part numbers, the G751JY DC-IN can be swapped with one from the G751JT. ASUS lists only one DC-IN board for the G751JM.

    Here's the site I use to identify ASUS laptop parts:

    Good Luck
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