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    Asus ROG GL753VE Graphics Card Problems

    Hi all, struggling with a graphics card issue and hope I can find some help.

    I have a GL753VE gaming laptop. i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz processor, GTX 1050 ti GPU, 16GB RAM.

    Purchased it new in early 2017. Basically bought it to play Witcher 3 at high specs, and when I bought it, it was fantastic at that. Top or nearly top of the settings and running smoothly at a nice FPS.

    Fast forward to 2020 and I decide I want to play through the whole series. Start at Witcher 1 and it's running fine. But Witcher 2 is choppy and low FPS, although when I turn settings way down it runs OK-ish. I try to load up Witcher 3 and it's basically unplayable, even at lowest settings.

    I do all the normal things - check power settings to make sure performance isn't being capped. Update graphics drivers (1/28/20 version). No improvement.

    I ran PassMark benchmarks and for 3D Graphics got only 2,084. The test's website suggests a GTX 1050 ti should have a score about 6,000.

    I have had overheating problems (typical laptop) where a program would just crash and then my system wouldn't recognize the GPU at all until I reinstalled the drivers. That's happened maybe half a dozen times total. Is it possible I just fried my GPU permanently, or is there something else I can try?

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