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    Xonar DGX - using the SPDIF header

    Hello. Can anyone please confirm that i can use the SPDIF header on this card to connect to an SPDIF Optical/RCA Out Plate? I can supply a link but it is my first post and i don't want tp appear to be a spammer. There are several on ebay etc for about 8-9 quid.

    I want to connect my PC to my 5.1 HT receiver which has a spare coax input. The plate/bracket is described as designed to connect to a motherboard SPDIF header rather than a soundcard SPDIF header but i'm hoping that it will do want i want. The only definitive information i have found (on Intel's website) suggests the soundcard SPDIF header should be connected to the motherboard SPDIF header. But this doesn't seem to make much sense to me and i don't have an SPDIF header on my mobo anyway.

    Hoping someone can provide some definitive advice. Thanks.

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