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    RMA Experience

    Hi everyone,

    I sent my PG248Q monitor in for an RMA because of feint scanlines that spanned the screen when Gsync was enabled on the 7th of January 2020. It's been over a month now and the status on the status website has alternated between ordering spare parts and diagnosing/repairing, and when I was called by the service center they said that nothing seemed to be wrong but after opening it up something broke and the entire left side of the screen stopped working. I asked Asus customer support if I could just receive a replacement monitor instead because it's taking so long and it'd be much easier for them AND for me, but they said they couldn't offer that for me. It's still under warranty BTW and for such an expensive monitor you'd assume that the experience with RMAing would be much smoother than it has been thus far, and I'm extremely worried because the warranty ends in March this year. Is there anything stopping them from waiting until that deadline and then saying that the monitor is out of warranty and cannot be fixed?

    I understand this doesn't necessarily represent how ASUS handles RMAs as a whole, and that it could just be my case specifically or my local ASUS repair center that is falling below expectations. Regardless though, I'd love to hear opinions and advice that you guys could offer me because I'm honestly sick of this beating around the bush and wish that I could just have the monitor on my desk to use. So far not a happy chap at all


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