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    Question Asus Armoury Crate and Undervolting

    I am currently using the Asus G531 Laptop with i5 and I was looking to undervolting the CPU.
    However, as it had armoury crate installed I found that it is interfering with intel XTU.
    Most apparently is that whenever I open or close the armoury crate window it will start of stop the XTU monitoring.
    I’ve done some research on this forum and I know it's because armoury crate is also based on the XTU structure and the two can clash, hence the two should not be used together.
    But there are also cases where using throttlestop also breaks armoury crate’s monitoring process.
    (I suspect its Throttlestop is somehow interfering with the XTU part of armoury crate)
    So does this mean I can’t undervolt the system without causing some issue?

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