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    ASUS offers me a downgrade as a replacement.

    I sent in my 2070 Super for fan repair because it was rattling, I got this Email today.

    'We are contacting you in regards to your RMA that is currently being serviced by our repair center. However at this time, we would like to offer a replacement to a different model as your original model is not available at this time. The replacement is a fully-tested recertified unit that meets ASUS quality standard. The manufacturer’s warranty will transfer to the replacement product from your original unit. Please keep in mind that receiving a replacement will not extend your warranty.

    Problem found with original unit: Parts Shortage

    Replacement Model Specifications: Please see attached specifications of your original model for comparison and upgraded model side by side you can choose as replacement and let us know if you accept by replying back to this e-mail.

    However, if part(s) become available while a replacement product is being processed, your original unit may be repaired and shipped instead of the replacement. This replacement is final, it is not a loaner and data will not be transferred to the replacement unit. If you wish to accept, please reply back to this email to accept or decline the offer. Please note that if you decline this offer and you wish for us to complete the repairs necessary on your unit, there could be longer wait times to receive the needed parts and make the necessary repairs.'

    I opened the the PNG they attached to the Email and seen they are trying to replace my Super with a 2070. Do they think their customers are stupid? They dare call this an upgrade.

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