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    After running for a couple hours will start to lag.

    I'll be running windows or whatever and after a couple of hours, it will start to lag like inputs and everything for a couple of seconds and then resume running like before, all inputs will then resume so scrolling or moving a window it is frustrating to say the least in video games its life or death.

    A restart helps this but then I have to go again every few hours or so.

    Here is a link to my setup:

    I think it might be something in the bios that I may have overlooked.

    I have it using xpm settings for the ram currently overclocked and stable at 4.0 GHz

    I've been having issues with this build from day one and they are almost ironed out this seems to be that last looming issue on this beast of a machine I have built.

    any sugestions or a link to a guide would be helpful.

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