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    My laptop became completly unusable when downloading seomething, apart from the fact that the connection keeps droping every 15 20 min if let alone, If I try to play something or just watch something on youtube the internet drops every 1-2 mins.

    Managed to fix it by changing again the wireless adaptor to the Intel 9260NGW (the one inside the laptop, I completly gave up on the Asus warranty as is nonexistent for me even that I have the Asus Premium Care bought...) and changing the channel width to 20Mhz Only. To do this you have to open device manager -> Network adapters ->right click on Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9260 160MHz -> Properties -> Advanced and change Channel width (Either 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz or both) to 20Mhz only, click okay and restart... this seems to have fixed the issue in my case as now I´ve been downloading and watching streams at the same time and there were no errors.

    This is not possible on the original 8822CE as there are very limited options in the device manager -> Adaptor advanced properties.
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