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    MotherboardROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega
    ProcessorIntel® Core™ i9-9980XE CPU @ 3.00GHz
    Memory (part number)Corsair LPX Vengeance DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz 128 GB
    Graphics Card #1Asus 2080 ti Turbo
    Graphics Card #2Asus 2080 ti Turbo
    MonitorJAPANNEXT JN-VT500UHD 4K 50-inch LCD
    Storage #1Crucial MX500 1 TB
    Storage #2Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB
    CPU CoolerROG Ryujin 360
    CaseThermaltake View 71 TG
    Power SupplyCORSAIR AXi Series, AX1600i 1600 watt
    Accessory #1 Noctua 140mm 3000 RPM x 4
    Accessory #2 Gigabyte GC-A 2WAY NVLINK RGB (3-slot)

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    R6EO 9980xe and New BIOS 3006

    At least since installing the week old 3006 BIOS (but maybe before that, I'm not absolutely certain it's only since 3006 but think so) with my rig Windows power setting set at Power Saver and the BIOS settings all at default (no overclocking at all) the CPU clock speeds (and also temperatures) are very high. At idle the cores are flying at 4100 MHz with no windows or apps open with the CPU core temperatures very high and reaching in the 90s plus range with very basic tasks. At idle unless the fans are blasting at full (because I adjusted this manually) the temperatures are nuts. There is no dust at all in the system, and it runs a water cooler, a Ryujin in fact. A virus scan done by a pro company found no virus, nor did any other virus scans. Task Manager shows nothing is using the CPU in any way a lot at all.

    Can anyone help with this issue? I have powered the rig down until I know how to tackle this. This kind of thing can cook your components.

    Edit: I have shot an email to Asus Support and will report on the issue when a reply is out.

    Edit 2: In case you'd like more info, I posted this at Tom's Hardware, and it relates to this problem. I am reposting it here as copied from what I wrote there instead of retyping it all:

    My rig is less than a year old, and the CPU cores of my i9 processor are all stuck at 4100 MHz. These numbers are very high at idle. I have changed the Windows power settings from Balanced to Power saver and this had no effect. Since the system is Asus, I have uninstalled AI Suite III thinking I maybe had accidentally changed something when adjusting the fan speeds recently.

    The system has never been overclocked and the BIOS settings have all always been set to default.

    A few things about the system's recent history may relate. In the past month or so the system crashed three times and got a blue screen while playing Wow (never having crashed before). The error message was: DRIVER_IRLQ _NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. What failed: afd.sys

    Also, a few days ago, thinking something was up with my system because of the blue screens, I discovered that three days earlier a new BIOS had become available on the motherboard support page. I promptly got my hands on it and installed it.

    Last night, while looking at HWMonitor, I noticed that the high clock speeds, which coincidentally is occurring with high CPU core temperatures, maxing in the range of 92 or so degrees, with idle temperatures of around 70 or so. I have also since maxed out the case fan speeds, having them blast at full speed which does lower the temperatures to 60 or so. However, this is freaking me out, so I have since stopped using this rig altogether.

    The motherboard is an ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega, the CPU is a 9980xe, and the CPU cooler is an Asus Ryujin water cooler.
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