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    CH8 Formula + 3950 X behaving as 3900X

    Hi , I have a problem that's got me completely stumped , I have the above Mobo and CPU combo and it ran fine for about 3 weeks with everything at stock and enabling DOCP and then I changed the RAM from 16 Gb flare X 3200 CL 14 to 32 Gb of Trident Z Neo 3600 CL 16 and still everything was fine so I decided to start on optimising the system with performance testing handled by R20 , I had previouly been getting scores around 10,000 or a tad below and was somewhat surprised when on first testing the new setup to only see R20 scores in the high 6,000's , I opened HWinfo and was even more surprised to see that it was only showing 12 cores so I thought it must be a corrupt Bios and I reflashed it and set DOCP rebooted and HWinfo still only showed 12 cores so I spent about an hour googling but found nothing there so I thought i'll open HWinfo and run R20 and see if I can figure out what is going on there. R20 was still scoring very low so by now needing some sleep I turned the PC off and retired , the next day I fired up R20 and HWinfo and now it was showing 16 cores in anticipation I ran R20 again was disappointed to see the same very low scores , this is beyond my 16 years of PC building experience so i'm putting this out there to see if anyone has any ideas .
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