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    I was having similar issues as you guys were. now my battery is parked at 0% and will no longer charge at all. I am at a point to where I really don't mind not having a battery in this system at all but I can't use the machine to game with. If I turn down all the RGB Lights and put the fans and screen on the lowest settings I can game for longer without a crash but the performance is pretty bad here. turning the brightness up, turning the fans on max will cause the machine to bluescreen fairly quickly. FYI, my laptop is a GL504GS with 8750H and 1070 card. started having these issuses around the 18 month mark. took the laptop into the repair center and was told it needed a new battery but ASUS no longer makes one.

    are any of you guys able to use your laptop under heavy loads with it plugged in? I'm not sure why there would be a need for a heathly battery for everything to run at full power but it sure appears that way.

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