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    No, this is not a software issue! My laptop's motherboard and battery (which I paid for) were changed and the problem reappeared at 3 months. It's a problem that Asus knows quite well but refuses to give us an answer (it's probably too expensive and keeps it hidden). But as everyone on this forum responds very late ... Maybe Asus is waiting for our warranty to expire and they have escaped liability. Why doesn't Blake answer anymore? Because they probably found out what the problem is and what the costs are to solve it. My laptop will come out of service tomorrow. I'm curious what else they've solved. 3 times with the same problem. I will send it to the service until it solves the problem or I replace the product.

    I'm using the Battery health charging inside the Myasus app and limit my battery charging to 60% - 80%, when i check the battery wear it ranges from 25-50%. whenever I've full charge the laptop the battery wear go back to 10-15%.

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