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    Cold Boot Issues with ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore and Prime 30th Anniversary

    I originally started off with the Prime 30th Anniversary board but it had an issue where during POST it would stop at CPU00 and Memory Detect. It would freeze there so I would hold down power button to restart system. On next boot it would POST to BIOS Safe Mode and I would have to get into BIOS and then exit out of BIOS to boot up. It would boot up fine from there until the next cold start up.

    I called tech support and what a joke it was. I have been waiting for a real Asus tech to call me but no one ever did.

    I returned that board and got the ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore.

    It is behaving the same since I got the board and upgraded the BIOS. I have switched out every component and still the same.

    I switched over to the BIOS slot 2 and I did not have the cold start up issue. I was having some stability problems under BIOS 2 so I updated the BIOS and the cold start issue has returned.

    This is ruining what is a FANTASTIC board. I love it but for this one flaw so far. When I call support they have me do the basic support which is of no help. I want someone to be aware of this issue so it gets sorted out.

    I am able to get my 10940X up to 51.Ghz on the board and have scored the 92nd place on 3DMark TimeSpy.

    Please someone at Asus get in touch with me so we can go over this issue. I want this board to be a keeper and not return it.

    Thank you!

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