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    M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3 PCIex16 Problem?

    Hi to all I am an old member in the old ASUS forum and my first post here I want some help please.
    For 2 years I use the M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3 motherboard with no problem, in the PCIe X 16 slot I have a Gigabyte HD5750 graphics Card.
    All of suddent yersteray without making any adjustments ( I powered of my PC it was Ok ) and the next day when I powered it on I had black screen on the monitor, no beeps nothing. Then I discovered that the Pc was booting normaly but I had black sreen in the monitor.
    I connected the monitor form my card to the internal GPU HDMI output, but I had black screen also.
    So I took OFF the Gigabyte card and I had picture in the monitor using the internal graphics, so I thought the problem was in the card.
    Then I tested the card in another asus mobo I have and the card is working fine, having output and in the DVI-D and HDMI output.
    So the problem is in the motherboard, when the card is inserted the bios is detecting the card ( that is the reason I have no picture in the empeded graphics output ) but the card has no picture.
    I had read that if I make BIOS reset using the jumper the problem might be solved, what do you think?
    In the place I had put the PC is it very difficult to try this I have to move a lot of stuff to have access to it.
    My mobo has only one PCIeX16 slot, it has 3 years guarantee, but as it is now I CAN DO MY WORK using the internal graphics.
    My CPU is AM3 Phenom X4 945.
    What do you think, is there anything else to do?
    Thanks you all in advance.

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