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    G20aj Power help please

    Hi i have G20aj with a 750 gpu and looking to upgrade to a 1060 gpu i have read a bit and watched some tutorials i understand i need an extra power supply a 180W Could someone point me in the right direction of what i need to buy please i am in the UK Thanks in advance !

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    If nobody comes along with a specific suggestion, here's how to select a power brick for any device:

    Measure the socket on the back. All barrel connectors measure in mm. Sometimes you can get an adapter but getting the right size is better.

    Check the device for an input voltage sticker. Your brick should be within +/- 5%. Modern electronics are supposed to correct for variance up to 10% so 5% gives you some flexibility with a margin of safety remaining. So generally a 19.6v brick would work fine for a device marked as 19v, etc.

    Get a brick with minimum the amperage you need. If it's rated in watts and the voltage is slightly different you can calculate amps, dividing watts by volts (since watts = volts * amps). Extra amperage is OK but not enough and something could get damaged.

    According to what Welsh Whoopee has posted previously the supplementary brick is 19v 9.5a 5.5x2.5mm but you should double check.
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    Don't know much about upgrades for this unit if you want to wait to hear from people who have tried this successfully, but my information shows the G20AJ 180W adapter has a 5.5mm diameter tip which is similar to many of the older ASUS notebooks, so you can try to find an older notebook adapter with 5.5mm tip although you need to check the wattage too.
    ADAPTER 180W 19.5V 3P(5.5PIH)

    Although ASUS notebooks sold with 5.5mm diameter tips used a curved tip (90 degrees) instead of straight tip like the G20AJ 180W adapter it should still fit, but may be a little bit tougher to unplug.

    Anyway, if you're in the U.S., it looks like the U.S. ASUS store is selling the 230W, 19.5V notebook adapter with 5.5 mm diameter tip if you have any interest in trying that, otherwise, you may want to look for the 180W version elsewhere.
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