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    180W AC Adapter for G74SX?

    I was wondering if any of you know where to get a 180W AC Adapter that will fit the G74SX. I don't care if it's universal; just as good as long as it fits.

    I can't find any in Canada. I looked in Newegg, Bestbuy, Futureshop, even Amazon Canada. :S The only thing I found was on A-Power, but that 180W AC Adapter is the same one that's offered on the Asus eStore: an adapter that's meant for the G70-series notebooks. I don't know if that would fit the G74SX or not, and I don't know what pin I'd need to get to try and fit over that AC Adapter so it would fit into my G74SX.

    Any suggestions/advice?

    PS: Yeah, I need a 180W because my current (150W? It's stock) charger is overheating and I was told that I should upgrade to the 180W and then use ThrottleStop to help my laptop achieve its maximum performance.
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