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    Request | GX701GX side lights not glowing BIOS 308 (please BIOS 309 or Hotfix)

    this is a request to Asus support, if found here.
    I can not find Asus mail address to contact about it.

    after a BIOS 308 update by a Asus service lab, my air vents lights stop glowing.
    (very low brightness)
    reinstall laptop drivers dont help. (old / new)
    or to play with Aura / Armoury.

    I am under warranty, and I sent the computer to the lab again.
    after a two-week diagnosis in Asus lab in my country they update the status "waiting for parts" (motherboard)

    so yesterday I canceled the RMA for two reasons, and I'm debating whether to ask them to reopen the RMA or not after weekend.

    first reason: I'm student and im working with the laptop, I don't have another computer at home and I can not wait long time in status
    "waiting for parts"
    I wanted to ask them if it's possible to send to me the laptop while they wait for the new motherboard, and I will pay for the next shipping.

    2. I'm afraid there will be other problems due to the motherboard swap, I basically don't have any problems with the laptop, just with the side lights after the BIOS 308 update.

    if it is a BIOS 308 fault, it would be bad to replace good motherboard, and only because of side lights not glowing.

    after inquiries, I found someone else on reddit with the problem after upgrading to 308.

    Model: GX701GX (8750H 2080RTX 24GB RAM)
    BIOS: 308
    Old BIOS: 307 (glowing side lights)
    Windows 10

    it is a expensive laptop and I am close to 10 years Asus member.

    while it is only lights, but it is a troublesome situation.

    I would appreciate if anyone from support will respond to this post any time soon.

    side lights example from google:

    side lights low brightness on my laptop (after BIOS 308):
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    Hello Dhxud,
    Very sorry for my late reply.
    May you PM me your SN or RMA number? So I would be able to track you case.
    And the only modification that our service center did was BIOS update?
    Please kindly provide a picture of the side lights as well.
    If you happen to have a comparison would be great!
    I will ask for review on it.
    Thank you so much.
    Thank you so much!

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