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    Question ROG STRIX II SCAR GL504M gaming mice not working

    Hey guys you are my last resort.

    I'm dealing with very annoying issue, let me clearly explain.
    On my laptop none of gaming mice are working. Mice are not faulty (they work on different PC), USB ports are not faulty (some mice and every other accessories I tried are working just fine). Mice that are working are old mouses with no backlight (eg my old A4TECH X7, cheap microsoft mouse). Mice that do not work are those I need and want. So far I tried Logitech G303, SteelSeries Rival 310, Razer Naga (they all have backlight; I suspect this might be issue).

    I tried every debugging I could find online. Windows updated, drivers updated (tried older, newer, oldest and newest). Those mice don't even work on clear windows 10 install (tried numerous times, with full drive format and without). Contacted WIN support numerous times, also asus support numerous times with no avail. Tried every BIOS setting connected to USB ports, milliards of windows settings, can't even list them all.

    I get no error messages, mice simply don't show anywhere and they can't be detected.

    I think it could be somehow connected to backlight feature of mouses, that is only common denominator I can find. If you have any ideas I'm all ears otherwise I'm ready to give up.
    Thank you

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