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    ROG Pugio + Armoury II Software

    I was just forced to update the ROG Armoury II software, now the lowest response time on mouse click is 12ms before there was an option for 4ms. What gives?

    Also I've tried Armoury Crate, only option is 12ms for the lowest value.
    That's why I went back to Armoury II (well not the only reason, main reason being Armoury Crate is a Piece of $h1t)

    Can you guys stop breaking software that semi-works, or actually [B]FIXB] or listen to user input. Please!!!

    I can't speak for everyone else on this forum, but it seems the consensus is ROG software blows hard, and we as loyal customers who pay a premium for your products are starting to get fed up. Please fix this sh1t before we take our money elsewhere!


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    Just noticed the same thing

    Also noticed exact the same thing after update. Additionaly, during mouse firmware update Windows 10 detected my Pugio as Gladius II.

    P.S.: I fell myself like roman legionary: "Decanus, my pugio was detected as gladius".

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