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    Question PRIME X570-PRO PCH Fan and temp


    I have contacted the Dutch service center and they asked me to place my question/request here, so the headquarter can read my questions and other people with the same problem can join me. So here it is.
    I just bought the ASUS PRIME X570-PRO in my silent new pc build. But the problem I am facing is the loud PCH fan noise. It is in idle almost 3000RPM and under load even higher.
    I have read more x570 have the same problem months ago. Like GIGABYTE did, they made the fan controllable en let you monitor the PCH temp. You can chose for 3 different fan curves based on you preference and case conditions. Mine is very cool so I dont need high fan speeds of my PCH fan.

    My question is if it would be possible to control the PCH Fan or give us at least a lower RPM mode with the possibility to monitor the PCH fan for the ASUS PRIME X570-PRO. I have read somewhere online it is possible to mod the bios and get control over the temp sensor and fan control?
    If it isn’t possible to fix my problem with the PCH fan I am really thinking about buying an other board form GIGABYTE or MSI or something…..

    Kind regards,

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