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    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Saknussemm View Post
    OK...see how you go...

    I just noticed...something is enabling SVM....leave that disabled if you're not using it...

    Maybe avoid DOCP profile....set ram frequency manually as well as primary timings

    Maybe disable fastboot in BIOS...

    So I turned PC back on as I had it off for a few hours, sadly it is not fixed. Hanged again, red light on. had to force off and on a few times before it came on and bios reported some instability so f1 and back to square one..

    I turned off fast boot, dropped ram down to 2866. Tried to manually set timings but have no idea what I am doing and for each one as there is tonnes of options.

    On a different note. How do I try and restore a previous bios like the first one made for my mobo as I tried from usb, formatted and when I select the bvios it says invalid file when I know it isn't. Tried again, formatted again, downloaded again, same issue.

    Its like I am stuck now with the latest bios and cannot go back. Is there any way I can go back? Just so I can eliminate this as an issue?

    Man I am totally lost and its so frustrating as I sit some mornings turning it off and on about 20 times, its random.

    Once it comes on, its on and runs fine, no crashes, problems, gaming is perfect... Only if I turn it off i am just worried that it may not come back on :<

    Any more ideas mate?

    Thank you.

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