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    Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080ti - Signs of going bad?

    Hi all,

    so It's been happening to me so often now, I am currently playing division 2 and I've notice a lot of artifacting popping up on screen. sometimes it's little and sometimes is worse. I am using GPU tweak with the overclocking profile and gaming profile. I also tried not using it and I am still having artifacting. I am unsure if it's due to a driver update from nvidia or not. can anyone guide me on some steps I need to take to diagnose the problem? I tried playing other games and I dont see any artifacting. only the game divison 2 that I get that problem. I also get black screen on playing destiny or loading up games.

    would it be best to RMA the card? or contact asus support first? I have this card for a year and 2 months now.

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