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    PG43UQ Firmware update ideas for the menu system

    Had this for a day and little disappointed with the menu and thought I'd suggest a few tweaks that I feel would improve it.

    1. Set whether Aura turns off or stays in standby mode.
    2. Power light options. Toggle white Power light on/off and have a separate toggle for the standby light. I like the amber for standby but the white power on light not so much.
    3a) Remove volume from being an option in shortcuts. Makes no sense. Make it a shortcut literally just bring up the volume bar. You still need to use the volume up/down buttons to adjust it. This just adds an extra button press. Save time by just pressing vol up/down and wasting a shortcut button.
    3b) With volume remove from shortcuts add a mute option. Make it a toggle so clicking the shortcut button mutes volume or unmutes it, depending on what state it was in before the button is pressed.
    4. Shortcut to toggle between Favourites instead of loading just 1 off them. Once a favourite is loaded the button is useless. Allowing users to toggle between favourites using a single shortcut would mean the button always has a function. Plus we wouldn't need go into main menu to switch back to other favourite.
    5. Allow us to set default GamePlus and/or assign individual options to a shortcut button. Whether it be the 4th crosshair or fps counter having it assigned to a shortcut button would save time if it's something we'd use often.

    That's it for now. Will add more if/when I think of any.

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