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    CS GO bottleneck ?

    Hello guys i have a problem with my new PC setup(AMD Ryzen 7 1700x - 32GB ram 3000mhz - Gtx 1060 3gb). I have a lot of fps drops and some stutters. Before you tell me something for regedit fixes and others i have tested everything i saw on internet and its all the same results. I did oc my cpu and just saw 30fps boost only but the problems were the same. With my previous setup (i7 5820k oc to 4.0ghz - 32gb ram 3000mhz - gtx 1060 3gb) i never had this problem and i was on 350-400 fps stable at 144hz monitor. The only that make it a little better is setting off the affinity on 0 core from task manager but again when they are a lot of enemies near me the fps is going to 150...Thank you for reading.

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