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    which things to look out fa a new graphics card.....??

    what ya needs ta match when upgrading graphics cards.....

    does the bus width need ta be lower or higher or just tha exact.....
    BECAUSE i got a 64bus width as of now & i cant really find a 64 bus width with anything exceeding a 2gb graphics card & im looking fa least 6gb.....
    do ya even need ta watch tha bus width or does tha gbram have ta match.....?? does tha ssd speed have ta match.....

    seems like nobdy has an asnwer.....

    an even easier question is... if ive got a bus width of 64 could i upgrade my graphics card to 120bit or 160bit or 256bit.....??

    whats stopping me from upgrading this graphics card.....??

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