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    Noob here...does Armoury Crate interfere with undervolting and other tweaking?

    Disclaimer: I'm still learning about undervolting, etc. I searched a lot regarding undervolting and couldn't find anything about my specific here I am. I found some good tutorials and threads on various forums about how to use different undervolting programs, but I'm not yet comfortable with messing around with anything just yet.

    So, the i7-9750H gets pretty hot while under load. I typically notice this while gaming. When gaming, I use Armoury Crate at present to put the fan speed to the "Turbo" profile, which seems to do a decent job of keeping things "cool". After running HWiNFO64 during an hour of gaming, in the "maximum" column, I got some red numbers of concern, specifically 4 out of 6 cores, and the "CPU Package". The Max temp for both "CPU Package" and "Core Max" was 98*C. "Core Distance to TjMax" had red numbers (corresponding to the same cores that had temps > 91*C (and hence, they were red).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Assuming I can control CPU temps through undervolting, I should be able to get these down. Although I may first try to apply a decent thermal paste like Noctua NT-H1, Grizzly Kryonaut, Arctic MX-4)

    My concerns:

    Armoury Crates profiles interfering with undervolting after using something like Throttlestop, MSI afterburner, etc.

    Performance loss due to undervolting, turning off Intel's turbo (not to be confused with the Armoury Crate turbo profile), etc.

    I found Bob Of All Trades YouTube guide "CPU Performance Tuning Guide _ Featuring an i7 9750h!"

    Also, "The ThrottleStop Guide" on

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes. Armoury Crate uses a version of the Intel XTU utility to control CPU power limit (among other things) when you switch between performance profiles in Armoury Crate. There's]a few threads about it. The only way to prevent that is to uninstall Armoury Crate, which is not recommended, since it controls a few core functions of the laptop.

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