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    RAID 0 NVME on M2. or DIMM.2 slots (Zenith II Extreme Alpha)


    has someone tested the speed difference between setting up 2 NVMEs SSDs via DIMM.2 vs. M.2_1+M.2_2 slots for RAID 0? - As far as I understand the DIMM.2 goes through the chipset first, the M.2 goes directly to the CPU, but in both cases the individual SSDs should be connected with x4 each.

    I connected two Firecudas via DIMM.2 as Raid 0 and only get the speed of a single SSD. Maybe an AMD driver thing, but wanted to make sure that it is not a problem with using DIMM.2.

    Thanks in advance for any help, pointers, etc.!!

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