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    I just tore my PC apart to install new tubing and coolant and need some help

    I have not been here for a long time, as Lightning hit the pole and the telephone wires fried some parts on my pc.
    I ended up not being able to afford a new Formula VII as they were around 500 bucks used online. I bought a gigabyte
    1150 board for my i7-4790K and while my old board could OC to over 5GH, the Gaming 7 board would not do 47
    without crashing. After awhile, it stopped going into bios without taking out a ram card and I mailed it back
    as it was under warranty. I will sell it when they return it as I hope to get my old VII formula going again.

    I hooked up my old Formula VII and it had the cpu in it and no fan or water cooling so it DID go into bios
    before the sensor shut it down for being too hot. I installed it back in the Corsair 650D case and am in
    the process of cleaning the fans and Rads and setting it up once again.

    I cant find the add on thing that would have made figuring out the bottom little plugs that control
    power LED + and - reset ,and power buttons there are 5 in total and some seem to go vertical and some horizontal

    the 1394 plug, looked at manual and cant figure that out
    upper left side has EATX12v-1. and the way one of my wires that says CPU seems to want to go in that spot
    but I do not dare do so without knowing its ok.

    Thank You for any help You can give Me, I appreciate it very much.

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