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    AX11000 new Firmware yet again

    Saw yesterday that there was firmware 7997 available. I had terrible problems with 7979 and hoped that 7997 would work better. When I went to upgrade this morning when no one was using the internet I found that there was yet another version 8011 available. I upgraded to 8011 and then reset the router, configured it and started using it. I lasted about 30 minutes before it started doing the same thing as 7979 did.....No DHCP so no internet for anyone, wired or wireless. Went back to 6436 and everything works again. This is getting ridiculous. I had been in contact with ASUS on the issues and they said it must be my hardware so send them the router for repair! If it is harware why does it work perfectly on 6436? I have run for over a month on 6436 without issues, not even a restart.

    I bought another AX11000 for a client and it is also stable running 6436 but does the same thing when I try to upgrade to newer firmware. This make me pretty sure that the firmware is the issue not the hardware.

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