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    Quote Originally Posted by unclewebb View Post
    Now you know what setting controls those EDP alarms. Most desktop boards set the current limit sky high so it does not interfere with CPU performance, ever. If setting the current limit to 160 is going to give you some sleepless nights then leave it at the default setting.

    Just curious about the C states. When your computer is idle, open up the C States window in ThrottleStop. Does it show your CPU using the core C7 state or any of the package C states? On locked CPUs like the 9750H, the core C states need to be enabled so the CPU can achieve maximum performance. They also reduce power consumption and help the CPU run cooler. Many manufacturers have decided to limit the package C states. The core C states should always be available.
    Thanks for the feedback!
    See screenshot attached regarding C-States:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Best regards & thanks again!

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    Your CPU is using Core C7 like it should be. It looks like the Package is being limited to C3. That is not ideal for power consumption but is pretty typical. Your CPU supports package C8 but it seems that many manufacturers turn this power saving feature off deliberately or it gets limited to package C2 or package C3 accidentally by a poorly programmed driver. Core C7 is the important one.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When a CPU is idle, cores can spend up to 99% of their time in the C7 state. If your screenshot was when your computer was idle, have a look for any programs running in the background that do not need to be running all of the time. Getting rid of background fluff is an easy way to improve performance.
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