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    Unhappy ASUS GU502GV - constant Current/EDP Limit Throttling / low FPS in VR

    Hi folks,

    I can't seem to find a solution / explanation for the following issues I'm experiencing on my brand-new GU502GV (RTX 2060 / i7-9750H / 16 GB RAM:

    - Constant Current / EDP Limit Throttling (according to Intel XTU, no "thermal-limits" reached)
    - Very low FPS in VR (both Oculus Home / Unity / SteamVR)

    I've been using the GL502VMK for more than two years, was able to run VR just fine.
    Now that I've spent nearly $2k for an RTX2060-based-system I'm pretty disappointed to say the least...

    Is there some sort of a fix / workaround for these issues or am I the only one experiencing these limits on the GU502GV?

    Already tried the following (but to no avail):
    - New OS-install / Driver-updates
    - BIOS-Update (307)
    - BIOS-Downgrade (306)
    - Disable Turbo Boost (ThrottleStop)

    I'd appreciate any input / feedback.

    Best regards & thanks in advance
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